In a previous message, I was talking about power of dreaming : going out of daily tasks, see the life in a different way as usual, going back to childhood when you were a big dreamer, making a break in a speed and busy life, where you always have something to do for someone else, kids, partner, boss, etc.

Then you decide to make your list of dreams, and you wonder how to reach them ? How to make them fit with your current life ?

A coach can be a great help at this moment, helping you seeing things more clearly : what are your aims exactly ? Why do you care for this dream in particular ? Is there something behind ? Is it your dream or someone else's ? (parents....) Do you have beliefs that could represent an obstacle ?... 

We will discover together if your dreams are "in line" with your deep nature and your natural aspirations. Your dreams must be connected to your soul, become an engine and push you in a great blow of life, taking you closer and closer to who you really are.

The coach will help you understand what questions you have to solve to move forward, in a deep and important, but exciting, inside work.

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